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Why 'dog food' is killing your dog

Most dog owners assume that because a dog food is popular and the commercials say that they are safe and nutritious, that dog food IS safe and nutritious. Sadly, both of these assumptions are false. A study by the Hong Kong consumer council found that some processed dog food sold in the USA contain Aflatoxin B1.The containment is a product of molds that are found in poor quality grains-an ingredient that ends up in dog food. In high amounts, this can cause liver failure and death. However, low levels of this pandemic are acceptable by the dog food industry, although even small amounts of this are carcinogenic (In other words, cancer causing). Representatives of dog food companies have claimed this to be an 'unavoidable natural containment'. So how do we prevent this? Oh, I have a good idea DON'T FEED YOUR DOGS PROCESSED DOG FOODS! Or any starch for that matter because their bodies are not made to eat these things. A dog's diet should consist of raw meat, bones, organ meat, and some ground fruits and vegetables. Most importantly these things should be raw, because some nutrients get cooked out of meat. So make sure to feed your four-legged friend a natural, carbohydrate-free diet.

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