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The Power of Words

It's ironic sometimes to think of how powerful words can be. They can change our perspectives, topple dictatorships, and bring about revolutions. Words themselves are pieces of information conveyed verbally or through writing. They allow us to share ideas, communicate our feelings with others, and help us to learn new concepts. Now, you may be wondering why I decided to sit down and spend an hour of my time writing a few paragraphs on the power of language, when I could be playing video games like any stereotypical middle school boy. Well, the reason is that I received a piece of news this morning that completely changed my mood. I was stressing about visiting a relative all week, a person who I have problems with for my own private reasons. To sum it up, I didn't want to have to visit them because each time I did I was put in a situation of great discomfort and psychological pressure. It was a burden on my week, and lead to a lot of stress. But, this morning, my mother told me that the visit was canceled. Those words transformed my perspective and mood for the rest of the day. This isn't the only example of words transforming things. Another example is when the printing press was invented in 1440. It transformed Europe and the entire world forever, allowing textbooks and novels to be produced much more efficiently. As a result, information was spread much faster and common people learned a lot about things that would be considered common knowledge today. In summary, language and more importantly writing can impact the world in an endless amount of ways, and as a society we should know that words, written or spoken, can have much more influence than we could ever imagine.

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