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The Phoenix

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

The 80-foot long beast jerked his head up attentively as he woke from his slumber. His magnificent red-gold feathers burst into a wild blaze for a few seconds, then calmed down to a slow burn. The creature looked down at the bed of weeds, straw, underbrush, and a few twigs, that he had prepared last night. He turned his curved beak upwards to the stars, which shimmered in harmonious perfection. It was the perfect night for him to fly. A Phoenixes fire of life could only stay lit for so long, before rushing adrenaline was needed to fuel the fire. The creature was already feeling it's flame beginning to weaken, to burn down it's fuel. He stood up proudly, with his broad shoulder held up to the heavens. Suddenly, he threw himself into a crouching position, then flung itself upwards, with its wings tightly squeezed against it's side. When the momentum slowed down, the Phoenix quickly began to beat its massive wings powerfully, kicking up a tornado-like gust of wind in its track. The beast began to fly forward, as it's flame began to blaze wildly once again. The beast twisted and turned, flipping occasionally to try to grab as much adrenaline as possible. It lowered into a dive, about to crash on the vast array of large oak trees, but swiftly flicked up its tail feathers, which sent him whirling upward. This beast was magnificent, something of pure beauty. When it flew, flames danced through the night, giving the eyes a feast like no other for the lucky folks that watched. For the phoenix, exhilaration means to live indeed, freeing itself from the boundaries of day to day life. For the phoenix, there was no day to day life, only the unexpected promise of excitement, adventure. So let's all live like a phoenix, freeing ourselves from the chains of day to day motions, and spicing our lives up with adventure. That, would be a truly great thing, that would make everyone's lives more exciting.

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