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The Pawn's game

Lately, things have been kind of crazy and difficult to comprehend. Last week the court, much to my demise, forced me to visit my father once again. This time and for our protection, a police officer was again part of the visiting crew. My father’s, (here known as Skip), approach has evolved to include now my relatives, with whom I had never established a relationship in the past, to come and harass me and my sister on his behalf. Skip had already brought the other tenant and my mother's mom to past visits, but they were banned from us by the kind officer who saw the bullying issue. It is interesting how Skip uses others to do the dirty job so that he can keep his hands clean. I guess his training in the intelligence business comes handy in these cases.

To start off the visitation, I made it clear that I was uncomfortable talking to my father, but the visiting entourage didn't seem to understand or care. The entire time they tried to engage me in conversation, telling me how rude I was by not talking to them. Even during the movie, they kept bothering me, asking me questions and ignoring what I was asking them not to do. I kept trying to tell them how I didn't want to talk, but they kept ignoring my requests. I don't believe it's right that fathers should force their children to comply with their demands when for years this father has been absent of their life. I believe that I have the right to be silent and the right to my space.

I feel bullied by Skip and his pawns and no one seems to care. I wonder what is it going to take for someone to take the stand on my behalf, and even more, on my sister's behalf as she has been the one affected in the most horrible way.

In contrast, I see how my mother has been respectful of the space of the other tenant, also known as my older brother. I don't see her harassing Sean or imposing her will on Sean. She only says that Sean needs time.

I promise to myself not to be like Skip when I grow up. I would be ashamed of my self if I ever treat my son and daughter in the same way that Skip has treated and continues treating us. The offense that he has done to my sister is very personal to me.

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