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The First Week of School

The first week of school is a pretty drastic time for kids of all ages. It is a time filled with stress, worry, and confusion. I thought I'd known all of these feelings well, but it turns out I hadn't until this year in my current situation. School can be stressful for many, but up until now I haven't really had much of a problem with stress during school. I started school this week on Monday, and I thought everything would be ok except for the fact that during the week I couldn't sleep very well. In every class I sat tired, only half-listening to the teacher as I dreamed of the following week, when I would arrive at my home with my mother. After school each day, I'd have to take a bus to where my marching band practice was held. I love marching band, and I truly believe that it is a great after school activity for me to participate in, but it's very hard to enjoy something when you're unimaginably hungry, extremely tired, and in despair. What is worse is that when I got home, dinner usually wasn't much, not because we didn't have enough food but because the owner of the dwelling didn't give me enough care to sacrifice a few extra minutes to make more decent food. So, I had to make something extra on top of the meal I just had. I wish I could say the following days were different, but I can't. -I confess that I am in shock seen the real person and who he is, now that I don't have my mom protecting me and filtering all the bad stuff and his lack of empathy towards others. Throughout the week our conversations didn't go beyond "Yes sir, or no sir" as he always have the final word. Each day was practically a routine of misery. Not to mention, doing homework is practically impossible, with the smell of marijuana hanging in the air, and the noise. I cannot imagine my life going forward if the authority doesn't look at the situation with care, and see how their decision may turn my and my sister's life upside down.

When I finally came home with my mom, I was overjoyed. The first night I arrived, I slept over ten hours. I can't feel anything but comfort now for the environment I'm currently in. I am happier here, even though I caught a cold from school. Its ironic that even though I'm sick I'm still happy here, because there is someone who is really interested in my wellbeing and who cares for me. I can't imagine wha it'd be like if I was at the other house. I'd be hungry, sick, miserable, and tired. But at my mother's house, I'm none of the above except for sick. I know that this school week will go much better, and I am thrilled.

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