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Poem to my mom for her birthday...

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

To the mom who brought me about to this world,

To the mom who cures my pain,

To the mom who loves me indefinitely,

To the mom whom my love will always surround,

To the mom who always looks out for me,

Like a wall her love protects me,

Whose angels she sends out for my help,

And for whom protects the wonders of this earth.

This mom is none other than whom is reading this,

Who I pour my heart out for,

My mom shall cease to understand,

The depth of my grand love.

But as I shall always love her,

I know that my great love shall one day be proven.

Yes, my mom is the best of them all,

The one who cures my pain

The one who is loved by all that truly understand her,

The Owner Of My Love

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