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My Weekend

This past weekend was indeed relaxing. I helped my mother and sister choose a place for us to stay to vacation for the weekend, and we ended up selecting a elegant, rustic cabin that was built in the civil war. It had no wifi, no cell service, no air conditioning, and a shower outside. It's rather ironic that even though this place lacked the features of my home, I still felt as home as ever. To start, the place was beautifully decorated. The furniture and many of the items inside were hand-built from a sort of oak or ash wood, and the house was kept immaculately. Secondly, its location was perfect. It was nestled deep into a group of mountains, with a view of a beautiful plain and a stunning wooded incline. It also had many hiking trails nearby, which worked out amazingly since we came there specifically for hiking. I also have to mention how great the outdoor shower was. It had a sturdy wooden frame, maple wood most likely, with a simple showering system inside. It felt amazing to shower outside, warm water sliding across your chest as the breeze blew gently, adding a surprising depth to the experience. A few hours after we arrived, we put on our hiking boots and sought out a good hiking trail near by. We had a map, and decided to hike at a trail that was a few minutes away. We hiked for about two hours, but we would have gone longer if we didn't get lost and have to go back the way we came. We eventually arrived back to the cabin, where we played uno for a while. We soon found out it was a blessing that we got lost, because an hour after we arrived a storm came through, with rain pelting at the ground and lightning piercing through the evening sky. Me and my mother spent time on the porch swing, counting the time between the lightnings hit and its sound to figure out where the storm was moving. We all talked for a while on the porch swing, and when nightfall came and the clouds parted, we could see the stars. It truly was a captivating experience. The next morning we left early in order to get my sister home in time for her ballet class. In all, the one-day vacation felt like a week of enjoyment, and I'm glad we had the chance to do it. It was exactly the brake I needed to get me closer to God, my mother, and my sister.

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