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My trip to europe

Hello everyone, I am writing to all of you from Malaga, Spain. So far I have been through many places in Europe, starting in Chamonix, France. In Chamonix me and my family ate delicious cuisine, hiked up the alps, and explored the town. The climate there is very warm in the summer, with flowers blooming vibrantly. Next we went to Lucerne, Switzerland. While we only stayed there for one night, we indulged in delicious sausage, pretzels, potatoes, and other german-style cuisine. The next day we went to Lausanne, Switzerland. We took a set of three trains, one through the infamously gorgeous golden pass, and stayed for Lausanne for one night. Next we went to Geneva, Switzerland, where my mom had a business conference. After one night of staying there we took a train to the airport, and then departed out of Switzerland and into Malaga, Spain, where we have a cozy hotel with a beautiful view of their endless olive grove. I am so excited to write more about this trip as it continues on.

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