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Merry Christmas, Mom

It seems the year has passed by awfully fast,

In a blur of love, compassion, and hardship alike.

But while my life is changing faster than I could ever imagine,

One thing stays the same: my mother.

My mother is a fortress of love, standing strong at all times,

When hardship comes she shelters me,

And when joy arises she rejoices with me.

I could never imagine the depth of her sacrifices for me,

A feat that leaves me in awe every single day.

The depth of her love seems a mystery to me,

And the height of her commitment too is unfathomable.

I’ve never been taught so much by one person,

But not with just words,

No, my mother teaches me and blesses me with her actions.

Words can sometimes be passable and worthless,

But deeds are eternal and everlasting.

For what does a mortal leave on earth but his deeds?

If my mother’s love was a mountain her peak would touch the heavens.

Never have I seen a woman so strong yet so loving,

So confronted with trouble yet so joyful.

Sometimes it seems that I’ll never learn,

But regardless of my failures she encourages me and loves me,

And for that, I am grateful forever more.

So as this year comes to a close I would like to give thanks to my mother,

For she’s been a greater blessing to me than I could ever imagine.

I pray that her days may be many, and full of peace

This poem is written with love,

Your son Charlie.

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