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Marching Band

I've never been the most athletic person ever. Sure, I played soccer when I was a toddler (who didn't?), but apart from that and gymnastics I've never been too much of an athletic teen, and I'm perfectly okay with that. Last year, I didn't participate in any sports or after-school activities, and I loved that. I loved being able to come home from school and unwind after a rough day. This year though, things are very different. Over the summer, I got an email from my school saying that rising eighth graders such as myself could participate in our high school's marching band. I was pretty excited to receive the offer, because I had always loved watching the marching band when they performed at my school, so after receiving permission from my mom I accepted the offer. I played the alto saxophone in my middle schools symphonic band, so I thought that I'd be a good addition to the marching band. In all honesty, I wasn't prepared for how intense marching band was going to be. Over the summer, we practice twice a week for two and a half hours, learning and memorizing the music, and then learning the basics of marching form. Then, towards the end of summer we went to a local campground and did what we called 'band camp'. Band camp was a 5-day overnight camp, in which we got a great amount of work done. We learned our drill for marching, and memorized a very good amount of our music. Every day was devoted almost entirely to learning our music and memorizing our drill. Although it was tiring, I had a lot of fun, and I grew to form closer relationships with members of my marching band. Then, when the school year began, we started practicing five days a week, for two hours. We've recently started competing in competitions and performing at our school's football games. In all, I believe marching band is one of the best sports I've ever played (and yes it is a sport). Not only has it taught me the value of hard work, it's also helped me make friends and improve my skills at playing the saxophone. I believe marching band to be one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time.

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