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Gymnastics Tournament

So, today I went to the mid-Atlantic gymnastics meet. We stayed at a hotel the night before so that we could be close to the location of the competition (The University of Maryland). Painfully, the meet started at 7:40 in the morning, which forced me to get up at 6:30 a.m. I enjoyed the tournament, as it was the last invitational of the year. Since it was an invitational and not a qualifier for states, I was able to take more risks and try skills I would not have tried at states or regionals. The success or failure at this meet would not affect my qualification to the State championship. The parents all seemed to cheer loudly for their gymnasts, and I'm proud to say that the most enthusiastic was my mom. Sure It wasn't my best meet, but actually during this meet, I got pretty decent scores with an all-around score of 48.2 (out of the possible 60 points, which no one has ever managed to accomplish.) I also managed to win a third-place medal on pommel horse. This tournament was indeed a very fun and enjoyable meet, which I leaped through happily. Thanks for reading,


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