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Are Video Games good or Bad?

Video games are now becoming so prevalent in our world, and many have been wondering are they good or bad? This article will explain the good parts, the bad parts, and the dangers of video games.

Why do humans like video games?

Naturally humans like video games because they present a challenge, as as they solve it they get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Video games are made to be very fun, and some eve time-consuming. They are made with daily reward systems, which tempt our brains to come back for more in order to be rewarded in-game.

Good parts of video games

Video games have some very good parts to them. For example; some have been proven to help the brain to become smarter, and many have been proven to improve hand-eye coordination. In addition, video games help to kill time, and to cheer people up. Some can even help grow parts of the brain and act as a pain reliever.

Bad parts of video games

While video games do have some remote benefits, they also have some downsides. They can be addictive, and convince the brain that they are more important than any other truly important work. It can also damage the eyes if they are played for long periods of time, and dry them out. And since video games are played sitting, they can be very bad for the body.

How to make video games healthier

First, you can limit your time on them, and try to break away from addictions. You can also set up a system where every ten minutes of video games is forty sit ups. This can help to counteract the unproductivity of sitting down. You can start playing brain games with some of the time you would be playing video games. There are many ways to combat video game’s unhealthiness, so long as you stick with them.

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