My name is Charles (Charlie is a nickname), and I live in the United States of America. My interests span as far as reading, writing, gymnastics, and school. My favorite thing is writing. This interest has developed over the years, but the first time I started loving writing was when I was about 7. Our router wasn't working, so all internet was shut down in the house. Being an average seven year old, I loved my computer, but when the router broke, I seemed lost without the internet. I remembered how Microsoft word required no internet, so I thought I would hack away at creating a story. Although it was terrible, it sparked interest in my heart, and from then on I was changed. I wrote constantly and loved anything in school that involved the mere thought of writing.

I mostly did writing for fun, up until a conversation with my mother lead to my discovery that even a kid can have a blog and a voice to the world. When I found out, I was astonished and interested. From then on, I worked harder in my writing, dreaming of the day I could write for you.

Now, about my other interests. When I developed a love for writing, I naturally developed a love for reading and studying what made author's books published. When I was 8, I read through J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit, and I LOVED IT! Though the lot of it, I learned how to be a descriptive writer (I'm still learning though). My passion for reading only grew my passion for writing, and I fancy that it will work for the years to come.

As for school, I am in sixth grade and naturally, have a love for academics. I love learning all I can in all my subjects, and working hard to achieve good grades. Friends are also a good deal of it; I enjoy spending time with my friends and being involved in school events.

Well, that's all for my first post. Thank you for reading and goodbye.